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Flex Spline

Flex Spline

The flex spline is constructed with a flexible spline that transmits torque through a series of elliptical bearings, resulting in smooth and precise motion control. This design eliminates backlash and ensures accurate positioning, making it ideal for robotic arms, CNC machines, and other high-precision applications.
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Technical Parameters

VCSG Series

Available in 10 sizes


Rated output torque





VCSG series: for high torque

The torque capacity is 30% higher than that of the VCS series.

43% longer service life than VCS series (10,000 hours).

Ratio 30: for high speed

Inheriting the advantages of the backlash-free VOUT harmonic reducer, the ratio is 30.


The VCSG series combination type can meet the needs of accelerating technological innovation such as high functionality, high speed, high load capacity, high density, and downsizing, and realize a rich product lineup that enables customers to choose the best model for their situation.




What is the difference between a harmonic reducer and a traditional gearbox?

The main difference between a harmonic reducer and a traditional gearbox is the method of achieving gear reduction. Harmonic reducers use a flexible cup or wave generator, while traditional gearboxes use gears and shafts.


Are harmonic reducers more expensive than traditional gearboxes?

Harmonic reducers can be more expensive than traditional gearboxes due to their complex design and manufacturing process. However, the benefits of using a harmonic reducer often justify the cost.


Do flex spline require maintenance?

Flex spline typically require minimal maintenance due to their compact and sealed design. However, periodic inspections and lubrication may be necessary to ensure optimal performance.

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