Zhejiang Sankai Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd

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Cutting-edge technology to the highest quality

Why customers choose us

Complete Process System
Adopting advanced detecting equipment and means, company establishes a quality control system that is in accordance with 1S0900 I: 2015.
Enterprise Spirit
Adhering to the spirit of 'forge ahead, be pioneers', our company has already gained a big market share.
End-to-end Services
Sincerely Sankai determine to provide service of better quality, in-time and fast reply to our clients.
Global Expertise
Sankai will continue, as we always do, to strive to become a leader of power transmission industry.
about 15000m 2+

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Zhejiang Sankai Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Sankai Machine and Electric Co.,Ltd is an integrative and professional manufacturer of power transmission device, which specialize in scientific research, production and marketing. As located in Taizhou city, southeast of Zhejiang province, Zhejiang Sankai has a very convenient transport system. And after years' effort, based on dedication and pragmatic management, Sankai has become a famous innovator among transmission industry in the world.

300 + Employees

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Application Scenario

All the products are widely used in different fields such as automation industry, industrial robot, aerospace, metallurgy and mining, light industry of beer, beverage and tobacco, environmental engineering, logistics, plastic machinery, lifting and transport, parking, automobile manufacturing, textile, food, ceramics and so on.

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Favourable activity
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